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Triathlon Training Program

Forgetting how important the goal is

It goes without saying that schedules are designed to keep you on track towards a target or important goal. Why then do people often have so much trouble sticking to them? But how many people actually acknowledge that their upcoming sprint triathlon IS an important goal? With all the business of life, it is easy to side-line fitness with so many other urgent things going on. Take a moment to reaffirm to yourself that this IS something that you want to do? Are you going to do it? Or are you going to pretend to yourself? If it is something you definitely want to do then it is definitely worth having a sprint triathlon training schedule

Forgetting why we are doing it.

Considering why you are striving to achieve your triathlon can be one of the most powerful motivating factors! Make a list of every reason you are doing it! You’ll find there are quite a few and maybe even some you hadn’t thought of before. Are you motivated by other people? Could you raise money? Are there other health reasons to be motivated? If you have lost momentum in your Triathlon Schedule then you will need to re-adjust it. There is no point pretending that you can stick to the one that you fell off originally. It will seem twice as hard the second time. Bear in mind you can always go back to a tougher one once you conquer one that fits you better! It may just be a simple as adjusting your training times to suit your lifestyle a little better.