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Triathlon Gear Important

In the past, racers wore the most basic gear when participating in the competition. Because of developments in science and technology, triathlon gear today aren’t what they used to be.

History of Orca Wetsuits

In 1992, a former New Zealand triathlon champion by the name of Scott Unsworth retired from the sport because of a back injury. Upon retiring from active training for the events, Unsworth became a swim coach. It was during this period he came to the realisation that the wetsuits he had for racing were not appropriate. He then setup shop in Auckland, and started developing his idea of the “speedsuit,” the prototype of the Orca wetsuit.

As a result of the success of his wetsuits, the company chose to branch out in 1996. Today, Orca supplies triathletes with not only premium, high quality wetsuits, but other triathlon gear as well. The growth of the company can be attributed to their cutting edge materials and design. Among their list of valued clients are triathlon legends Hammish Carter, Craig Alexander, Cameron Brown, and Chris McCormack.

These athletes have recognised that success in triathlons don’t rely on endurance alone, but in the right gear also. Aspiring or experienced triathletes who would like to mimic the achievements of legends should understand this. Proper gear contributes to the making of a successful triathlete.