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Safety Sports for Children

When children play sports, they learn about leadership skills, teamwork, and tactics. For example, in the IronKids Triathlon Series, children participate in a series of events that teach them about important skills. There are many precautions and safety measures parents can take to ensure that their child is protected from dangerous injuries.

There are a number of different guidelines that children need to follow, no matter which sport they play. These will guidelines help to keep the child safe from harm. In many sports, wearing some kind of protective equipment is also a must. If you are buying equipment, be sure to avoid going for big brands. It is better for a child to have quality equipment, instead of equipment that may have a popular brand on it.

Important gear that you should make sure your child has includes:

  • Helmets to keep the head protected from serious impact and collision damage.
  • Gloves to keep a child’s hands and fingers safe.

An important point to consider is the age-appropriateness of various sports. Additionally, children’s bones and muscles are still forming; therefore, it is important to consider which sports are age appropriate, and which ones are not.

Some of these sports are mentioned below, along with the age bracket that they fall into:

  • Between the ages of two to five, children often play sports that are not focused on finer movements.Their muscles have not yet fully developed. Children do not have complete control yet. At these ages, children can participate best in running and swimming.
  • As children age, their attention span improves. They can also gain finer muscle control. This leads to children participating in sports that require more precise movements. This is what makes sports such as gymnastics, soccer and martial arts perfect to start for children between the ages of six to ten.
  • When children begin moving into adolescence they begin to gain insight into the importance of tactics and strategies. At this age, they can begin participating in complicated game plans. This is the perfect age for children to begin team sports. Children of the pre-adolescent age are open to working with other children. Sports competitions, such as the IronKids Triathlon Series, can help kids learn how to work together in a positive environment.