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Regarding Triathlon Wetsuit

A triathlon wetsuit is different from other breeds of wetsuits and is purposely designed for better performance in the water. These wetsuits are prepared with a special neoprene covering to facilitate a smoother slide through the water, and the paneling – the neoprene fabric – is carefully designed so you have more flexibility in key areas. For example, while the neoprene covering your belly, back, and thighs can be tight and rigid, the material around your shoulders, chest, and hips needs to be flexible so you can move easily. The more you spend on a triathlon wetsuit, the more you will reap this benefit.

When selecting a triathlon wetsuit, a triathlete should remember a few simple rules. First, think about if you need a full wetsuit with sleeves or a long John style wetsuit that is sleeveless. The full wetsuit is best for colder waters, while the long John style suit is effortless to get on and off during the first transition. Second, think about the distance of the swim, and how much flexibility you will need in your paneling. If you are doing mainly sprint triathlons with 800 meter swims, paneling will not be as much of a factor. If you intend to do an ironman, you will want to spend up on a high quality suit with panels that won’t fatigue your shoulders or chest during the swim

Finally, do your research with triathlon wetsuit reviews to help you spend your money wisely. There are several reputable brands of triathlon wetsuits out there, namely Quintana Roo, Orca, Blue Seventy among others. They will all guarantee to outdo the other, so it is important that you do your own homework and pick the suit that is best for you.