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Introduction Triathlon

1. Need for Triathlons

Triathlons began as swimming-cycling-running routines by runners with a view to stay in fit shape. These were borne out of the cliched fitness routines that revolved around activities pertaining to running going rustic. To keep the athletes’ motivation and interest levels high and boost their active engagement in training, the idea of a multiple sports activity was considered ideal.

2. Developmental Progress Over the Years

Triathlons were not very popular as professional events till very recently. In fact, the first time a sports event that clubbed swimming, cycling and running was witnessed as recently as in 1974. From there, it picked up slowly after a decade and a half and it was only in 1989 that the world saw the formation of a separate body in the name of ITU. Then on, the sport gradually paved its way to being recognized as a competitive sport and found inclusion in the Olympics games list in 2000.

Current Scenario

In the present times, triathlons serve greater purposes than just providing engaging cardio training opportunities to runners. Today, it is a successful Olympic game and also owes the foundation of the Ironman World Championship to its credit.