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About Triathlon Bikes

The triathlon bikes give the facility of avoiding drafts as it is used in many other forms of road racing by other cycle users. Thus the tri-athletes can have the advantage of reduced wind resistance. The specially designed triathlons bikes have various special features that are intended to provide the racers with comfort. The mostly obvious & unique features of triathlon bikes are the handle-bars, which are often referred as aero bars.

On the other hand, various components of the frames of triathlon bikes are designed in a way so that they match with aerodynamic profile. The frame tubes of triathlon bikes are designed to have an oval or tear drop cross section, instead of circular cross sections used in other bikes. The handle bars of the triathlon bikes comes in a flat shape instead round shapes used in other bikes. The wheels of triathlon bikes contain fewer spokes. Sometimes they contain carbon fiber tri spokes, often referred as disks, instead of typical spoke wheels used in other bikes. There are various designs of bicycles that are illegal to use in normal road cycles. The triathlons are allowed to carry such designs. That is why we can see various non-conventional bicycle designs used in triathlon cycle frames.

Triathlon bikes are designed in a way so that they look like & functions very aggressively. They have meaning steep tube angles that are close to vertical tubes. They contain a low steam saddle & handlebars are also very relative to the saddle. The locations of these components of the triathlon bicycles helps to improve the aerodynamics by lowering the torso of the rider & by creating a smaller drag profile in the overall look & functions. Such designs help the riders to prevent stress, as the drag profile position of riders helps them to preserve the muscles used in cycle running by emphasizing pedaling with non-running muscle groups.

The triathlon bike designs are originated from time trial bicycles that are used in time trial races. These bikes with its unique designs are intended to help the bike racers. They improve bike racing with the features of fast action & preventing muscle stress. The advantages of triathlon bikes have made these designs so much popular that they are evidently used in international field of bike racing. The triathlon bikes are available in various designs & models in the market for the bike racers. They are very much used in professional bike racing.