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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Must know about History Marathon

As legend has it, the marathon race started when a Greek man named Pheidippides ran from the battleground at Marathon to Athens without stopping for a breath to inform the citizens that the Persians had been defeated in battle. Right after he announced the news, he died on the spot. This Herculean effort has since been recognized by people over the world and was one of the first sports to be accepted at the Olympics in 1896.

Marathons grew to be so popular, regional competitions had to be organized. One of the most popular of these regional competitions is the Boston Marathon, which started in 1897, after the popularity of the marathon in the 1896 Athens Olympics. The other regional variants include the New York City Marathon, which started in 1970, the Berlin Marathon which started in 1974, the Chicago Marathon which started in 1977, the London Marathon which started in 1981 and the Tokyo Marathon which started in 2007. This explosion in popularity of the marathon in the United States has been attributed to the victory of the American Johnny Hayes in the 1908 Summer Olympics.

When participants receive their one-of-a-kind medals, it helps to motivate them to complete more. Although the reward of coming in the first three spots does help to motivate a lot of the runners, receiving marathon medals gives them an even greater incentive to try harder the next time. After all, the prize money will run out sooner or later. A medal is a nice visual reminder of the triumph. Medals are usually placed in a high visibility location in people’s homes – it has a great psychological effect on us. It motivates us to try our best, not in just marathons, but in other spheres of life as well. Since the medals are on display, others will also get to know about what you have achieved.

Training for Swimming Portion

Various triathlons also have different distances. For example, the Ironman competition is one of the most famous triathlons in the world. The athletes in this competition must cover a total distance of 226.51 kilometersthe athletes in the Ironman triathlon must swim 3.86 kilometers, cycle 180.25 kilometers and run 42.4 kilometers.

The feeling of winning such an event can be one of the most distinguishing moments of your life. When you hang up your triathlon medals at home, you will be able to look at them and remember your victory with fondness and pride.

There are three distinct parts to the triathlon; athletes have to train appropriately for the different parts. Then, with the proper training, athletes can have that chance at victory.

To begin with, a person must be able to swim well. When you are training for the swimming portion, it is beneficial to keep the following tips in mind:

  • It is best to determine what the distance is before you begin training. If you are swimming for a distance of 500 meters, then it is best to be conservative with your efforts. If you are swimming for a distance of 500 meters, then you can practice from once to twice a week. However, if the distance you are swimming is going to be a bit longer than 500 meters, thenit is best to train at least five times a week in order to win those triathlon medals.
  • When you are swimming, it is important to have the proper entry. The proper entry is necessary because, if you do not dive into the water properly, you can easily end up suffering from crossover. This can lead to an inelegant swimming technique; this can waste both your energy and time. The optimal dive entry is important for the success of the whole race.
  • Swimming is a very technical sport. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your kick is as refined as possible. This will help to propel you forward without making you waste energy. This will also keep you ready for the cycling and running portions.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate zone training is not as hard to figure out as you may think. In simple words you use your heart rate to help train in the correct energy system or zone you are going to race in. Training for a 10k uses a different energy source or heart rate zone then training for a marathon. The marathon requires an emphasis on aerobic endurance while the 10k requires more speed. You will need to train at the aerobic threshold. A common mistake runners make is training is a zone that has nothing to do with their goal race. In marathon training/racing it is so sub-maximal that it is very easy and tempting to go faster. But going faster is a huge mistake because if has no benefits at all. It will only make you feel wasted from the workout.

The formula to help determine your heart rate zone is 220 minus your age giving you your maximum heart rate (MHR). If you take 85% and 80% of your maximum heart rate you get your target heart rate zone. The upper limit represents 85% (MHR x 0.85) of your maximum heart rate. The lower limit represents 80% (MHR x 0.08) of your maximum heart rate. While you are training keep your heart rate monitor will between these two numbers. When you train with a heart rate monitor you can set your upper and lower limits that represent your heart rate zone. The heart rate monitor will beep letting you know if you are going to fast (above your upper limit) or to slow (below your lower limit). Since you will know instantly if you are above or below your target heart rate zone you can adjust your pace accordingly.

Tricks to Winning Marathons

When you are competing in a marathon, you need to wear some great running shoes. Training is extremely important. However, you also need to ensure that you have the best equipment possible.

A marathon is a long distance, 42.195 kilometers, to be exact. If you are going to train for this long distance, you want to ensure that you are not running in old shoes!! It is important to ensure that you have the finest shoes available; this way, you may have an advantage over the competition.

Running can be difficult on the muscles and bones of the legs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the shoes you are using will be able to support your body and give it all the care it needs. These long distances can be very stress-inducing on the muscles. You will find that, unless you are using proper shoes for training, you will run into many problems. It can start with simple blisters, but the wrong shoes can soon lead to serious musclesprains and shin splints.Therefore, it is important to train in good shoes, as well.

There are many quality sports brands that sell great shoes for running marathons. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are equipment manufacturers who have made a name for themselves on the basis of having a great distribution network. These top-notch brand names have established themselves as companies who provide good, reliable products. This does not always mean that their claims are true, however. It is important to look for true quality, and not just brand names when you are striving to win marathon medals.

If you want to get great running shoes for yourself, there are a number of different things to check for. Some of these factors and standards to keep in mind include:

  1. Comfort is key. If you do not feel comfortable wearing the shoes, then you should immediately look for better options.
  2. Check for balance, next. Running a long distance is very strenuous on the entire body. This is why the shoes should act as a support for your entire body.
  3. Make sure that you buy the shoes at least a month before the event itself. Once you have adjusted to the shoes during training you will be comfortable during the event. Then, all that is left is wining those marathon medals!